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Business Etiquettes in St Lucia

Business Meeting

Although you should show up on time, a meeting rarely begins at the announced time. Meetings are often begun with prayers, and any important person (elected officials, etc.) are introduced and welcomed by the group.

The person that calls the meeting is general responsible for beginning/ending the session. Expect a formal environment for all meetings, regardless of if they are at the community level (dress there may be semi-casual) or in an office (formal dress).

People strongly insist on being addressed (whether in person or in writing) by their proper title – Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr ,etc.

The presence of an agenda may at times be loose but there are always prayers to open/close, welcome address, a clear moderator, and thanks. Also, food is generally expected for any longer meeting, be it light refreshments or a full meal.

Business Negotiation

Bargaining is okay in most settings. Remain friendly yet assertive. Decisions are rarely made immediately.

It is best to be firm with deadlines if you want things to be taken care of in a timely fashion. Be firm about delegating responsibilities.

Gift Giving Etiquette

Depending on the environment, it is customary to offer a token gift to guests. Do not expect to give something yourself but if you have travelled far (out of state) expect to receive a small gift.

Business Dressing

Men often wear slacks and a dressy polo short or dressy collared shirt (with tie if in a more formal setting). Some people wear full suits depending on the situation.

Women usually wear two piece suits, and most all skirts reach the knees or lower.

Business Cards

There is no specific ritual surrounding the giving of business cards although it is advisable to treat the card with respect.





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