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Bringing Pets to St Lucia

Pets entering St Lucia must be electronically identifiable with an acceptable type of microchip implanted. Microchips must conform to ISO standard 11784. The cat/dog must be vaccinated against rabies at or over three months of age using inactivated and adjuvant vaccine approved by the veterinary authority of the exporting country. A blood test must be carried out not less than 30 days after the date the vaccination was done.

The blood sample must be sent to an approved laboratory facility. The veterinary authority of the exporting country must accredit the laboratory. In order to qualify for permission, the blood test must show rabies and antibody trait equal or more than 0.5 IU/ml. Once permission has been granted, the cat/dog would be able to travel into St Lucia, 180 days (six months) after the date the blood sample was taken. The cat/dog must be treated no more than 48 hours before entry into St Lucia with a preparation for the treatment of ticks and fleas and with an anthelmintic preparation.

You must obtain an import permit in advance of your taking a pet cat/dog to St Lucia.

The cat/dog must be accompanied by a valid veterinary health certificate issued by a veterinary surgeon attached to the veterinary authority of the exporting country that shall also state that:

• the cat/dog is in good health and free from symptoms of any prescribed or any other infectious or contagious diseases;
• the cat/dog has been inoculated for common disease conditions not less than two weeks prior to exportation;
• the cat/dog has been tested negative for heartworm.

The cat/dog must be transported by air freight directly into St Lucia and should not be in contact with an other cat/dog on the flight except for which a similar permission has been issued.





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