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Immigration - Work Permit in St Lucia


For non-St Lucians intending to conduct business or to undertake employment must apply for a work permit upon arrival in St Lucia. Work permits are issued usually for one year and can be renewed annually if it can be demonstrated that the position cannot be filled by local personnel with equivalent qualifications. The work permit can be obtained from the Department of Labour Relations.

Note: Anyone who has obtained residential status is not exempted from a work permit and is still required to apply as usual, in the same manner.

Work Permit

Before you are issued an application form for a St Lucia Work Permit, you are required to pay a non-refundable fee of EC$100 to the Accountant General at the Government Treasury in Castries. This payment is acceptable upon presentation of the necessary ‘A’ Form duly completed by the Work Permit Officer which is available at the Department of Labour Relations in Castries.

You will then take the completed ‘A’ Form and your payment of EC$100 to the Government Treasury. The Treasury Receipt which you will receive is required to obtain the Work Permit Application form. Take the Treasury Receipt back to the Work Permit Officer at the Department of Labour Relations who will then provide you with the Application form.

Note: If you are overseas, and would like to begin the process of obtaining a work permit, you will need to have someone in St Lucia complete the ‘A’ Form and make the EC$100 payment on your behalf. The ‘A’ Form cannot be mailed to you.

Once you are issued the Work Permit Application form, complete fully, and ensure that you have the following documents attached before it is submitted to the Work Permit Officer. These documents are:

• a police record from the country where you last resided;
• certified documentary proof of qualifications;
• Trade Licence (where applicable);
• copies of advertisements for the post that you will be applying for;
• salary and other benefits expected;
• evidence that income tax has been paid;
• whether any local has applied, and the reason for his/her non-acceptance.

While your application is being processed, you should not be engaged in any kind of gainful or profitable employment.

All applications should be submitted to the Work Permit Officer at least two months prior to the date which you propose or plan to be employed or engaged.

Once your application has been approved, you are required to pay a fee for the Work Permit which is based on your nationality at present. The fee is guided according to the Government Statutory Instrument 2004, No. 38 dated June 1, 2004:

• citizens or persons belonging to any Caribbean Community or CARICOM member state, for every period of 12 months or part of if it for which the permit is valid – EC$2,000;

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